The Steps of Design Process

Design still becomes a debatable word until today. everybody maybe understand what design is, but the usually do not describe it. When somebody asks us about what design mean is; we will answer that it is a plan before doing something; scientifically, such explanation is still debatable. Generally, we will hard if have to explain what design is, but at least we can give responsible information about it.

The Steps of Design Process

According to experts, design means that something done before creating objects. Officially, making a design will take some steps. The design itself can be divided into some versions. The versions are pre-production design, design during production, postproduction design and redesign. Each of them can be divided still into some sub categories. Pre-production design consists of design brief, analysis, research, specification, problem solving and presentation. Design during production is still divided into development and testing. Postproduction design consists of implementation, evaluation/conclusion.  Moreover, redesign is any all stages when in the design process repeated to make sure that the object is perfect.

Therefore, let us check once again, “Did our design process have passed all steps above?” fulfilling all steps above will determine the result of the work. Losing one of the steps will make the object imperfect.

Save The Earth : Millenium House

As the world population increases,  nowadays,  land become hard to find, environment is jeopardized,  and the global warming effect can now be seen real.  City plannings are now oriented to efficiency to fulfill the need of housing and industries. Earth seems to be too much burdened, that this only home for human being is now beyond its capacity.

Regarding that, at Britain, there is a new style of house, called Millenium House. Although it is not easy for British to accept such new inventions, the house seem to be a good choice for who care about environment and his own health.

This house is unique. With its unusual design, this kind of house seem catchy with only a half upper part is upper ground, and the rest is underground. The function of the roof is maximized, where its half part is made of glass to receive rain water, and at another part is covered with grass. Linked from the rain water receiver, right under the roof is a pond, to collect water. Inside the house, the livable part is entirely formed as a box, called inner box, and the rest, which are spaces between the inner box and the roof, are places to put some plants.

Stylish Coverings for Your Standard Radiators

Sometimes you need the function of something that just doesn’t match your home interior design, like standard radiators as central heater system at your home that makes your interior looks terrible. You have tried so many ways to make it matches your interior but failed. But, don’t worry since you can get professional helps to resolve this problem for you. Now, you can order cover for your radiator to make your home stylish with standard radiators.

You can change the radiators completely to fit in your home interior can be too expensive to afford because you maybe need a radiator designer’s help to do that. If you want to look more thoroughly you can find cheaper and simpler solution for your problem with standard radiators design. You can disguise your radiators with stylish and beautiful coverings which are offered by They designed stylish radiator covers that will not hinder the heating process and airflow in any way. You can choose either modern or tradition styles for your radiator covers.

If you can’t find what you want from their offering in Radiator Covers World, you can contact them with details. They will look if they can help you with radiator cover design that you want. They have professional craftsman to produce anything you are looking for to cover your radiators.

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