Remodeling To Create New Atmosphere

Remodeling is the proper way to create a new atmosphere, so you will not feel bored with the condition that you have seen for years. There are many tips to make remodeling because you have to have a lot of knowledge and appropriate plans to obtain satisfactory results, maybe, you can use a professional architectural services to assist you in creating the most amazing remodeling to your home so that your family will welcome the best decision you to create a beautiful home for their comfort. Now, you’ll see that a lot of architectural professionals who have a high rate to give their best ideas for creating stunning remodeling for their clients, this is a fact that can reduce the desire of many people to remodeling their homes.

Remodeling To Create New Atmosphere

As a client, you must have some criteria about what theme you want to use as the remodeling concept so that the architecture will provide a lot of advice and refine your ideas, so you can express your wishes about your dream home. Home remodeling will provide many benefits in your family but you have to provide more funds to achieve maximum results.

It will be the most amazing experiences in your life. In remodeling, you must have high creativity because it is very important for the results you will get.

Revolutionary Earthquake Resistant House

Smart Modula is a house with knock down concept, with the foundation form adopted from traditional Javanese house structure made of wood. With high flexibility, this sort of house is expected to be the best solution to make a house resist in natural disasters such as earthquake ,typhoon, tornado, and even flood. The name smart modula itself is taken from the basic forms of the house consists of moduls that can be added and knocked down. The size can also be adjusted to the need, for its modular nature. Of course, in the making, needs good and precise calculation to avoid the downfall.

Although the concept is taken from Javanese wooden-made house, this smart modula house is actually made of intact metal material. The wall is constructed with the material of styrofoam mixed with cement, that makes this house low cost and effective.

Thanks to designers of Akademi Teknik Mesin Indonesia (Indonesian Academy of Mechanical Engineering, ATMI) at Solo, Central Java, who have introduced this innovation four years ago. The house has been tested once in Breh Island, Aceh, and proved resistant from the earthquake hit the area of 6,1 and 8,3 Richter scales. Many developers from abroad are now interested to build such houses for their simple design and effective cost.

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